In Honor of Vinnie Paul…Here Are the Best Pantera Songs to Share With a Friend!

As we all know, the incredible and irreplaceable Vinnie Paul Abbott, drummer for Pantera, Damageplan, and, most recently, Hellyeah, has passed away at the age of 54. For us hardcore Pantera fans, many dreams die with him… the hope of ever seeing Vinnie reunite with Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown (most likely with Zakk Wylde filling in for the legendary Dimebag Darrell on guitar… but who knows what could have been?) is now gone forever, and that makes the loss all the more difficult. There are thousands of beautiful tributes online already, but we here at South Texas Sound Project like to do things a little differently. Instead of just talking about how much Vinnie and his beloved brother Dimebag meant to us all, we figured we’d honor them a different way.

How would you introduce Pantera to a friend who had never heard them before? What songs would you play them to give them a head-banging, fist-pumping, scream-from-your-gut introduction to one of the greatest metal bands of all time? Since this is a tribute, we want your answers in the comments below, on our Twitter page, or on our Facebook page. Here’s our own little list, feel free to share your thoughts!


  • Floods That solo tho… and then the little outro riff? Gets me right in the feels!
  • 5 Minutes Alone This song is such a great example of the heavy groove and take-no-shit attitude of Pantera.
  • Goddamn Electric- A tribute to heavy metal and it’s fans… it’s loud, its nostalgic, it’s goddamn electric!
  • I’m Broken- Dimebag Darrell wrote some INCREDIBLE riffs, and this is one of my favorites
  • Fucking Hostile- Rage! So much rage! Listen to this on the way home after a bad day at work and see if you don’t shave a few minutes off your commute!
  • Walk- If your friend did happen to know a Pantera song, it’d probably be this well-covered classic.
  • Slaughtered- Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell had such an awesome connection, and you can hear it on songs like this… the rhythm and groove they could lock into was beyond impressive. Vinnie’s drums on this track (and this album) are so much fun to listen to.
  • Cemetery Gates- Who else spent hours and hours playing their guitar, trying to nail the solo and those sick divebombs at the end of this song? Don’t lie to me!
  • Domination- The title says it all… this is pure metal domination.
  • Cowboys From Hell- The track that started it all… for us heavy metal Texans, this is like the second national anthem. Anyone who wants to know Pantera HAS to listen to this song.


Don’t forget to share your essential Pantera songs with us!


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