Lost and Faded Release “Need”- Listen Here!

Workin' Hard in the Studio (courtesy of Lost and Faded-FB)

It takes time to build a good reputation, but a strong start goes a long way. On July 1st, Corpus Christi’s Lost and Faded released their promising debut single, “Need“, off their upcoming EP. You can stream it on Soundcloud here. The band looks forward to playing their first show here locally very soon, and if this single is any indication of their musical flavorings, you don’t want to miss it! While it’s easy to point out flaws in any bands first recordings, “Need” has some real magic to it. Frontman Mitch Hackleman possesses a unique voice that intrigues the listener while remaining true to the song. As guitarist Rene Vela, bassist Eric Peña, and drummer Randy Ibanez get more comfortable playing together and finding that magic groove, Hackleman will no doubt find his own way to surf the waves his talented band creates for him. Don’t forget to check out the band on Facebook or on their website.


Lost and Faded (Photo-L&F Facebook)


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