Rendered Heartless- Who Needs Venom When You Have ANTIGEN!? (Video Interview)

Before you become the Champ, you have to be a contender… rise up the ranks, beat the competition, and establish your dominance. Rendered Heartless is a band that is rising in the ranks, and they have their eye on that golden belt. Hailing from Corpus Christi, the four-piece powerhouse has found a way to mix alternative/progressive rock with  southern and groove metal, creating a unique, layered sound that feels inspired but remains familiar. Their most recent release, Antigen, is an exciting grab bag of heavy riffs, brilliant drum fills, and vocals that range from pensive and dream-like to a full-on war cry. South Texas Sound Project had the opportunity to catch up with RH drummer Jarrod Newman. We talked about going back in the studio, some live shows, and the importance of supporting live, local bands. Check it out below, and don’t forget to check out Rendered Heartless on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Rendered Heartless is-

Jason Sullivan– Vocals

Jarrod Newman- Drums

Michael Newman- Guitar

James Griffis- Bass



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