Chemically Imbalanced Tour Brings a Measure of Insanity to Corpus Christi

Finding September Rocked CCTX Thursday night!

Spring Break means young people doing crazy things, especially in a coastal town down in South Texas. On Thursday night, Taken by Tides (from Laredo) and Finding September (from San Antonio) brought their respective brands of crazy to Boozerz in Corpus Christi on their Spring Break “Chemically Imbalanced Tour 2019”. Supported by killer local bands Growing Pains, Dogwood People,and A Simple Jester, the show was a superb display of homegrown Texas Rock in its various costumes and varieties. Finding September hit the stage and completely blew away the crowd, which grew with every song the young group played. Their eclectic mix of pop punk, metal, and rock is forged together by their passion and absolute professionalism, becoming a weapon they wield on stages both big and small. They played songs from their 2018 EP, History, and even gave us a taste of some new music. “Fools Gold” should be released sometime soon, and it’s definitely a solid representation of the growth the band has experienced over the last year of playing and solidifying the current lineup. While I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get the chance to see Taken by Tides, all reports are that they destroyed the Boozerz stage, leaving nothing but sparks and ashes in the wake. They’re a hard-rocking metalcore group that has nothing but good things coming their way, and we will NOT miss them again the next time they come through! Check out the video for “Chemical Imbalance” below, as well as an interview we did with Finding September, who will be back in the area on April 13th at the Rialto Theatre in Aransas Pass with Rendered Heartless, Wings Over Society, and America Allen (ft. Zach Proctor). 

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