Saturday Night is Alright for a Donkey Show

You read that right. Saturday June 30th from 9pm til 2am at Black Monk Tavern, there will be asses and a show… well, not the way you think. The San Antonio metal militiamen known as Nahaya will be in the 361, and it’s a guaranteed party. Our friends in TBA- TX Noise will be shredding the stage, as well as A Means to An End, Rendered Heartlessand Last Repent… All Fine specimens of the Texas metal we know and love. If YOU like your beer cold, your metal heavy, and your inhibitions lowered (we won’t tell), come out to Black Monk Tavern Saturday Night and GETCHA’ PULL! Oh, and if you’re worried about having no monies, that’s ok, because this is a FREE SHOW. 


Those Crazy Thievin’ Bastards!

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