Lost and Faded Release “Open Up”

Lost and Faded (Photo-L&F Facebook)

Lost and Faded, the up-and-coming alternative rockers from the City by the Sea (Corpus Christi), have released their second track, “Open Up”, on SoundCloud. The band has elected to release new music track-by-track until they’re ready to release a polished, powerhouse EP sometime this Fall.

This second demo track from L&F starts off with a clean riff that goes from mellow and spacey to full grunge crunch. While the riff itself rocks, it feels like the intro could use something… a guitar solo or perhaps an extended note held by the singer? All of the above, maybe?

The chorus is catchy, and once the band finds their pace after playing a few live shows, “Open Up” will probably become a fan favorite, especially since it’s so easy to sing along to.

It’s tough getting your band to sound tight, developing music that plays to the strength of your talents, and finding your own voice, especially in the days of ridiculously accessible music. Lost and Faded is putting in the work, chipping away at the musical flint, so to speak. The edge gets sharper with every performance, and it’s fun listening to a band grow and improve, slowly getting closer to laying down the music they know they’re capable of producing. Give “Open Up” a listen here, and hear the endless possibilities for the driven young band.

Lost and Faded

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