Angel Siren Keeps Their Ambitions in the “Clouds”

Angel Siren rockin' out (courtesy of Angel Siren)

We all know Texas loves rock music, and it’s always a pleasure to shine the spotlight on the great rock bands we have all over our beautiful state. Angel Siren, a powerful 4-piece outfit from Beaumont, TX, isn’t afraid to tear up any stage you put them on, whether it’s in the corner of a pool hall or opening for the likes of Fuel, Red, or Powerman 5000. While they haven’t released a follow-up album to 2013’s Revenge of a Poet just yet, they keep busy both on the road and in the studio. Word has it they’ll be releasing a new single soon, so I figured we should go to the man himself to talk about it.

Rob Gomez- We have Brandon Parker from Angel Siren talking with us today! Brandon, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we appreciate it! How’s 2018 treating you guys?

Brandon Parker- 2018 is great so far! We’ve done a lot of cool things, met a lot of cool people, and played some really cool shows!

Brandon Parker of Angel Siren (courtesy of BP/AS)

RG- You all have an album from 2013 called Revenge of a Poet. I took a listen and it’s really interesting! There’s a Tool-esque element to it, but it’s so diverse. There’s acoustic alt-ballads, spunky punk riffs and a hard rockin’ edge to it. Do you feel like now, in 2018, you guys are a different band compared to then, or has your sound stayed the same while remaining musically diverse?

BP- I think in some ways we’ve stayed the same, as far as our style of music, but we have definitely grown to be a more diverse band. On R.O.P, we had a couple of different members. Now, with the new members in the band, it’s different for the better, for sure. 

RG- How did the name Angel Siren come about?

BP- The name came from an idea our original drummer, Jakob Robles, had. It is from Jim Morrison’s poetry piece, “The Anatomy of a Rock.” It says “Wild sounds in the night, angel siren voices.” We thought it was dope at the time, and we still do. 

RG- I heard you guys have a new single in the works called “Clouds”. Can you give away some secrets about it?

BP- Yeah, “Clouds” is our new song that we’re currently working on in the studio. I’m actually going to Lake Charles, Louisiana tomorrow morning to finish it up. It’s much different lyrically than anything I’ve ever done. It’s more about the state of the world and the people in it, how we’re all the same and are all here to share this rock we call Earth. 

RG- Very cool, can’t wait to hear it! Tell us about the writing process for Angel Siren- do you write individually or as a collective?

BP- For the most part, it’s usually me who writes the start and the core of our songs, but there is no doubt that we complete it all together, as a whole.

RG-What are some of the bands influences, and who do ya’ll find yourselves listening to these days?

BP- Well, there is tons of influences for me. I’ve always loved Deftones, Primus, In Flames, 36 Crazyfists, Tool, etc. Who do I like now? Still the same bands, but c’mon! You gotta add some To Whom It May in there, those guys are amazing! We all listen to different music. For instance, Perry (Yazell) likes Tesseract, Kaston (Seymour) likes Nothing More, and Wade (Stone) likes Periphery. Those are just some examples. 

RG- That’s pretty diverse! Who would you most like to share the stage with?

BP- Personally, the Deftones!

RG- Do you remember your first show? What was it like?

BP- Ha! Yep. It was at a pool hall in Lake Charles. We literally played in the corner of the bar. No stage, small space, and we only had like 4 songs! We had so much fun, we couldn’t wait to do it again, and that was my first show ever on guitar and vox. I was stupid nervous! We played with a band of good friends called Forever Falls who are actually playing with us this coming Saturday, August 4th at Dylan’s Bar and Grill in Port Arthur. 

RG- Awesome, hope the show kills! What’s the best part of being in this band?

BP- I think that we can cater to almost any crowd, including older generations, younger generations, pretty much any crowd. We have a little something for everyone, and that makes it a lot of fun to keep doing. 

RG- How important are your fans to you, and how do you try and stay connected with them?

BP- Fans are always the most important thing to us. We try to always talk to whoever may want to talk to us! We are doing this because we enjoy it, and we want anyone who wants to enjoy it with us to do so in full force! 

RG- Fans are everything in rock music! Well, now it’s time to play a little game…According to science (i.e. I totally just made this up), every band has at least one of each of these… So who is it in your band?1- dedicated but sometimes overzealous member (the consummate professional!)

    • The Slacker! (sleeps late, forgets where he is, forgets his wallet when the check comes, loses his stuff, etc) All of us!
    • The one who is dedicated but sometimes overzealous member (the consummate professional!) Kaston
    • He who eats/drinks EVERYTHING if you leave it out BP and Wade
    • The one who hates to drive BP
    • The one who never passes to the left (or never passes at all) Perry? 
    • That one who will take a leak anywhere and everywhere, no matter who sees WADE!
    • The who will flirt with ANY girl who talks to him, to the point of embarrassing the others We’re all married homie
    • The best merch seller (could sell water to a whale) BP, duh!
    • That one that constantly takes selfies/candid pics/secret pics Ha, none of us!
    • The Absolute OG Prankster Kaston

Would you rather…

Have a flat tire and chance being late to the gig –or– catch a ride to the show…in a van full of profusely sweaty clowns that never stop talking? Flat tire!

Completely forget the lyrics to a song in the middle of performing it –or– start singing the wrong lyrics mid-song? Forget the lyrics

Perform NWA karaoke in the style of Frank Sinatra to a Church Youth Group –or– Sing “Anything Can Do I Can Do Better” at an old folks home? NWA ALL DAY!!!

Have your voice crack all night, but get through the set –or– have to pee the entire show but hit every note? Hold the pee, fo sho!

Have the rest of the band cut your hair any way they wanted for 1 year –or– have them dress you however they wanted for 1 year? They make hats, yo! Cut my hair for a year, ha!


Thank you to Brandon Parker and Angel Siren! Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of “Clouds”, and don’t forget to check them out on their website and on Facebook!



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