Y Oooootra!… OtraFest Brings the Sounds of Texas to the House of Rock

OtraFest!!! This Weekend, 9/21 thru 9/23!

Corpus Christi’s newest music festival is finally here, and it’s a doozy. OtraFest, a three-day Texas-sized mega festival that features bands from all over the Lone Star State, will begin this Friday, Sept. 21st. Featuring music from Fastball, ShinyRibs, Superfonicos, Whiskey Shivers, Bright Light Social Hour, Vallejo, and the Mammoths, this is one lineup you don’t wanna miss! House of Rock, one of South Texas’ most established and respected rock venues, will be hosting the festival, and tickets can be purchased here. You can find the lineup for each day here. We will be covering the event on Saturday, taking photos and talking to your favorite bands, and we hope to meet you there!

Don’t Miss the Corpus Christi Debut of Finding September!

We will also be bringing you an exclusive interview with Finding September, the phenomenal young power punk/alternative rockers from San Antonio, who will be making their Corpus Christi debut on Saturday evening! We reached out to the band for a comment, and they told us “We are super stoked to be playing OtraFest and making our Corpus debut at The House of Rock!” You don’t want to miss this talented young powerhouse make waves here on the coast!

Also on the schedule for Saturday night is the bluesy Austin-based rockers, the Mammoths. We had a chance to ask David Kapsner, the Mammoths frontman, a few questions ahead of their visit to OtraFest, and they’re more than ready to give Corpus a show we won’t soon forget!

The Mammoths (or, in Spanish, Los Mammoths)

Rob Gomez-Welcome to Corpus Christi, guys! We’re looking forward to having you guys here on Saturday night! How has 2018 been treating you?

David Kapsner- We’re excited to be back! 2018 has been crazy so far! We’ve been on the road for about 5 months total. Our tours have taken us to the southeast, east coast, northeast, midwest, and Colorado. During our time off the road, we’ve been writing a recording our first full-length. Hopefully, it will be out early 2019!

RG- What do you guys think about the OtraFest that House of Rock is hosting? Pretty cool, huh?

DK- We’ve actually never played at House of Rock, but have heard great things! Our home venue in Corpus is Executive Surf Club (shout out Richey and Linda). A lot of the bands on the bill are some of our buddy bands from Austin. It’ll definitely be cool to hang with some familiar faces at HOR!  

RG- You guys are this very free-spirited classic rock band from Austin, and your music is this wonderful mix of blues, psychedelic rock, and, at times, grungy hard rock. How did your sound come together? Who were you guys influenced by?

DK- Well thank you! Each band member has his own style, which gets thrown into the pot when writing new songs. For example, I (David) tend to write slower, bluesy melodies, Michael is a riff master, who combines the Hendrix licks he learned as a kid with modern psych-rock bands like Ty Segall and The Growlers, Tyler brings the funk and jam element, and Tim gives us street cred with his history playing in hardcore bands since his teen years. Our parents raised us on the usual classic rock bands (The Beatles, Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Eagles, James Taylor, The Faces, Nirvana, etc.).

RG- Are you guys currently working on any new music? I know you released some great tracks last year, like “My Drug” And “Pistol Point”.

DK- Yes, we’re recording our first full-length album at Modern Electric Studios in Dallas with Jeff Saenz producing. Jeff apprenticed under the legendary Dave Cobb and is super involved in the creative process. We’ll come in with what we think are finished songs, and he will completely rearrange it to do what’s best for the song as a whole. We really enjoy working with him! Our plan is to release a single or two in 2018 then get the album out by early 2019.

RG- Y’all have some SOLID bluesy, groovy songs… do you all right as a collective, or are ideas kind of pieced together and jammed out?

DK- Usually, someone will come in with an idea as small as a riff, beat, or half written verse. We take that idea to the practice space and jam it out until a somewhat coherent song is formed.

RG- What’s your take on the rock scene down here in Texas… do you feel like we’re on an upswing, or have a stronger community compared to other states?

DK- I think Texas is one of the stronger states when it comes to people showing up to rock concerts. We’ve been to smaller towns in the south and guys are yelling for us to play wagon wheel and stuff… However, rock isn’t dead everywhere! Athens, GA, Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC, Denver, CO, and Appleton, WI are some cities where we see the same faces out everytime we play. The bands in Texas, especially Austin in particular, are extremely supportive of each other. I know we really try and make a point to see our friends play when possible. Even though Austin is a competitive market musically, I think most bands feel like we’re kind of all in this together. There’s a true sense of camaraderie here.

RG- I’ve heard trough the grapevine that you guys put on a hell of a live show… got any words for the Corpus Christi crowd ahead of Saturday night?

DK- Expect jetpacks, backflips, and maybe a cover song!


Don’t miss this live music extravaganza that begins on Friday the 21st and doesn’t end until Sunday night! Check out the OtraFest Facebook page for more info!


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