Lost and Faded Nail Their Live Debut (Special Guest Review!)

Photo-Hannah Cruz

If you were at House of Rock Tuesday night, you were witness to the live debut of Lost and Faded, Corpus Christi’s newest alternative wave-maker. The band made their debut during the open mic at HoR, and SoTxSP had our friend and special guest reviewer, Hannah Cruz, in attendance. Hannah had this to say about the show.


So I got to see the debut performance of Lost and Faded, and this is how it went down. I was able to speak to the lead singer, Mitch Hackleman, before the show, and I asked him how he was feeling, to which he replied “Feeling excited, getting ready to throw down!” As they took their turn on the stage, they were obviously ready to put on a show. 

The band played the three singles they currently have out- “Need”, “Open Up”, and “Faded”. The crowd was enthusiastic and very responsive to the band and their music, clapping and screaming as they played their set. They put on a great show, and I highly recommend seeing this Corpus Christi band!

After the show, Mitch told us “We were all feeling the music. Everything went according to plan. The crowd said we may have gotten a less-than-perfect mix, but we’ll keep up the good work and hopefully put on an even better performance next time.” 

The band’s debut single came out back in July, and they’re working on releasing another single on October 1st. Don’t forget to check out the band on Facebook and their website


Special thanks to Hannah Cruz, our special guest reviewer for the Lost and Faded show! We congratulate our friends in the band on a job well done, and look forward to more great things from you all!


Photo-Hannah Cruz
Photo- Hannah Cruz
Photo-Hannah Cruz


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