Brave the Royals Roar on “Someday”

"Someday" is the NEW single from Brave the Royals!

Brave the Royals, brainchild of 10 Years guitarist/drummer/studio wizard Brian Vodinh, has recently released a new single entitled “Someday”. Check out our review below, and don’t forget to like the band on Facebook after you scope out their official Brave the Royals website

A mixture of 2000’s nu-metal guitar riffs and modern alternative (with a healthy dose of pop rock catchiness), the nostalgic guitar intro quickly leads into a hard-stomping rhythm riff that provides an anchor for the emotive, subtly aggressive vocals of Vodinh. The verses are earnest confessions that pull you in, but by the time the chorus kicks in, you realize this ride has a lot more highs and lows than previously hinted at. The soaring vocals and an ear-tickling snare make this tune catchy and memorable, to the point where you’ll likely find yourself singing along with it by the end. Lyrically candid and musically dynamic, the track is pound-for-pound one of Brave the Royals best songs, and it stands out among a healthy offering of solid modern rock tunes in a rebounding genre.  

If you’re a 10 Years fan, you’ll likely find this tune very much in the vein of the band, but Vodinh is fearless with his BTR project. He seems to enjoy dipping his fingers into different musical realms, challenging his own traditions and inspirations while expanding the horizons of his music… which is exactly the point of any worthwhile solo venture, if you think about it. Pop-rock digital effects, sharp production, and honest songwriting have become his hallmarks, and “Someday” doesn’t disappoint. Check out the lyric video below and let us know what you think in the comment section! 

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