Head Space by Dirty Motel is a Trip Worth Taking

Dirty Motel, the starry-eyed boys from the Rio Grande Valley, are back with their second EP. Head Space is an introspective journey that does a great job examining loneliness within a relationship and on a personal level. “Painted Walls”, featuring the emotive (if sometimes overzealous and out-of-tune) wails of singer Sam Hinojosa and the razor-sharp ax-work of guitarist Ozzy Salazar, opens the EP and sets the tone for the four-song trip. “Your Love” has a strong backbeat courtesy of Nick Leandro, and the tale of an intoxicating, maddening relationship with a seductress is catchy and charming. It’s hard to dislike Hinojosa’s almost spoken-word delivery, probably because the music and his attitude seem so much like a group of friends jamming and telling you a story. Even the subject matter is relatable and accessible… who hasn’t had a fun relationship that was bad for you?

“Run”, the third track, begins with one of Salazar’s many RHCP-inspired riffs, and quickly builds to a frustrating boil. Salazar and Co. seek an escape from the hot-and-cold world, and decide to run away in search of a promised land visible only in the mind’s eye. Salazar’s liberated solo paints an image of a sandy beach and a sunset, the utopia finally reached. The final song on Head Space, “Fly”, might be the group’s magnum opus. The riff and vibe recall a young Chili Peppers mixed with a little Hendrix, and the lyrics and structure have hit single written all over them. Everything about this song speaks to the growth of Dirty Motel, and hopefully gives a glimpse at their bright future. Make sure you check out HeadSpace and Dirty Motel, and catch a show when they come to a city near you!

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